Saturday, December 28, 2013

Top Ten of 2013

I am linking up with Jill at Compassion Family for My top 10 posts of 2013!

To start with, here are some random stats :)

In no particular order, here are some of my posts from 2013.  

A Changed Life - a story of a Compassion graduate and of the importance of letter writing
In Jesus' Name! - a post of some of the ways God used Compassion to change me
My World Water Day Post - in which I realized cold water wasn't that bad
Three Letter Writing Myths - in which I disprove letter writing myths
Let's go to Bolivia! - a post on how you too can go to Bolivia (a really awesome opportunity!)
An Update on Cycle4Compassion! - an update on my annual fundraiser, a story of God's faithfulness
Movies - a couple thoughts about movies and tv
Pupusas - a yummy Salvadoran recipe
Mom, when's supper? I'm starving! - in which I define the word "starving"

This was a fun blog year and my first full year of blogging!  Thank you to all of you who guest posted, hosted my posts, commented on my posts, and read my blog!! :)


  1. I'm so glad you joined in - I look forward to reading all these! I'm honored to have you as a blogging friend.

    And THANK YOU for keeping up the Master Compassion blogging list! I'm so glad you took it over.

    1. Thank you, Jill! I hope you like the other posts. It was such a great idea to do this, and I was happy that I wasn't too late to link-up :) Thanks for another great link-up!

      I am so honored to keep the list for you Jill! It's such a great resource :)