Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Three Letter Writing Myths

Here I am going to disprove three letter writing myths that might be believed when writing to your sponsored child.

1. I have to fill up the whole page.
No, you don't.  Yes, your child would love to read pages and pages from you, but they would also love just a few words.  Even only a few sentences of encouragement would be such a blessing to your child!

2. I can't tell them what I do because there is such a difference between my life and theirs.
Yes, there is a big difference between your life and your child's.  However, you can still tell them about your life.  Tell them that you had lunch with a friend.  Tell them that you went to work.  Please do be careful about what you say, but if you keep it simple, it should be perfectly fine!

3. I have to send out a whole package when I write my child.
While a whole package of coloring pages and stickers is nice, so is a letter.  Often when I try to put together a whole package, it takes me longer to get the letter out.  That is the most important thing- the letter.  Sure, send extra fun stuff sometimes, but it is not as important.

Well, I hope this encourages you to write to your child and shows you how simple and easy it is!

What are some other myths about letter writing?

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