Friday, March 1, 2013

February Compassion Joys

Here are some blessings that involved Compassion this past month-
  1. two letters from Aruna!
  2. letter from Mabel
  3. letter from Lucie
  4. letter from Junior
  5. opportunity to send a gift to Junior with a friend who is going to Ecuador
  6. letter from Juan
  7. letter from Kartini (Aprilla)
  8. God's timing- I sent a gift to Mabel for her graduation from the Compassion project, her completion date changed, but the gift got to her for her school graduation!
  9. finding out that Aruna and Aprilla believe in Jesus!
  10. opportunity to make bracelets for sponsors

I am linking up with Compassion Family for February Compassion Joys!


  1. I enjoyed reading your Compassion joys!! It sounds like February has been a great month!!

    1. Yeah, February has been awesome! And I also forgot to share that while I can't do a CS at my church, I am planning one for my friend's church! :)

  2. What a great month of blessings! And good news about being able to do CS at a friend's church. I can't wait to get my bracelets : )

    1. Yep, I am soo thrilled to have the opportunity to do a CS. It is my youth group's church, but not the one I go to on Sundays. So, I am excited about it! :) Just so you know, The BO still have not come. The Bolivia mail is supposed to take 2-4 weeks. It has been three. I will let you know when they get here!