Mexico holds a special place in my heart.  

It all started when my friend traveled on a mission trip to Mexico in 2011.  Just a month or so before her trip, I got my first correspondent child from Compassion.  A couple months after my friend's trip to Mexico, I asked for three correspondents - one girl, one boy, and another child, one from Mexico City area, one from Peru, and one from Bolivia.  At that time, you could only have three correspondents, so I was put on the list for a boy from Mexico City.  

Then Carlos was added to my account.  Immediately, I saw Carlos as my new friend.  In a matter of months, I had a letter from him.  But, I got a call from Compassion that he had moved to an area where there were no Compassion projects.  My heart broke.

I wasn't even sure how to love Juan who showed up as a "replacement" for Carlos.  Soon enough, though, he stole my heart!  This little boy is the sweetest one you'll ever know!  

As each summer went by and with it a mission trip to Mexico for my friend, my desire to go grew stronger.  Every time she went, I wanted to hop on the plane with her and land in the place that held my heart, but it wasn't time yet.  So, I waited.

My love for the country grew as I got to know Elizabeth, a girl two years older than I, through Compassion.  I prayed so much that I could go.  But the trip came and went and home I stayed.

Eager to go on a mission trip, I decided that I could not go and share about Jesus when I had not even read the whole Bible, His love letter to me!  So the journey began, and what a journey it was!  I read verse-by-verse the whole Bible.  One year and four months later, I finished.  It was so wonderful to read about God's love for me and for the needy.  

As I read each page, each word, I surrendered all.  Whatever His will was, it was best.  I did not want anything apart from that.  I gave up my plans and my ways.

And when I was fully surrendered, He said that He could use me.  He said, "Go!"

So go I will!  On July 19, I will depart on the first flight of my life to the country that holds my heart.  I do not know what adventures are in store or what God will do in the week I am there, but I know it will be will be best, as His plan always is!  

I am so excited to go!


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