Friday, August 16, 2013

Let's go to Bolivia!

Last September, the Compassion Mobile Experience came to a town about an hour from me.  I was taken to Bolivia and India.  I walked through the streets and saw the hope that the Compassion project brought to Ruben and Brinda.  I touched Ruben's red table that he bought for his family.  He used the skills Compassion taught him to get a job and buy that table.  And I listened as Brinda told her family how the God of the Bible was the one true God.

In the semis holding the stories of three former Compassion children, the homes, projects, and communities of the children are duplicated with such accuracy that you feel like you are actually there.  As you walk through the rooms, you listen to the narration of the child's story.  And at the very end, you watch a video of the former sponsor child taking you to those places.  Then you know that everything is just right and so real.


I see the e-mail.  It's coming again!  This time it is closer, just 30 minutes away.  And I go to Kingdom Bound and I help out a tiny bit with Compassion.  I realize that there is no way I cannot go again.  But this time, this time, I will work it.  

Then this shows up in the mail-

And I count the weeks.  I don't have much time until September 7, and I know it'll go quicker than I think it possibly can!  I don't have much time to tell everyone that they need to go.  

So I'll call up everyone I know and send out e-mail and hang posters.  

This time, all it costs to go to Bolivia or India or Uganda is the gas to drive to the nearest place it is coming to you.  Compassion: Change the Story - Events  

Currently, it is scheduled to go to NY, OH, GA, FL, MS, LA, and TX.  But check back often, cause the places it goes keeps growing and you don't want to miss this!


  1. So excited for you!can't wait till it comes close to me!

    1. Thanks! I hope it does come near you :) It's awesome!

  2. Yay!! How exciting!!! The closest it has come to me (or will come this year) is 5 hours away....when I was single I'd go, but now I have a one-year-old and don't think it's a feasible idea. But maybe someday it'll come an hour or two away :)

    1. Hannah that is pretty far! I hope it comes closer to you. I think you'd like it! :) And I bet your lil guy keeps you busy. Watching an almost 2 y/o girl sure keeps us busy!