Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kingdom Bound Part 2

First of all, I was rereading my previous post.  And I realized that I wrote something that was totally not what I intended!  So just to clear that up, I wanted to say that I love Newsboys no matter who sings!  Michael Tait and Peter Furler are totally different, but they are both awesome!  I do love the whole Australian accent thing, but Michael Tait sings Jesus Freak.


So I thought I should write up something about Kingdom Bound to go with all the photos.  I'll start with Sunday, the first of four awesome days!

We almost didn't go on Sunday, but I convinced my mom ;)  Anyway, we went to see Matthew West.  And it was incredible.  Have you ever heard his song Forgiveness?  Well you should listen to it if you haven't.  So here you go....

Actually wait.  Here's the deal.  The story behind Forgiveness is pretty crazy.  But there is no point in me telling you.  And if I tried, the time it would take you to read my post would be the time it takes to watch this video.  And this video makes way more sense!

So please, watch it. right. now.

Now that you have watched it.  Eric is free, and they were there.  Both of them.

And that is forgiveness!  wow


  1. Glad you got to go on Sunday!I would have been crying the whole thing through!I had already heard the story and song,but listened to it again,it is such powerful story.

    1. Yeah, I can't wait to write about the rest of the week. I had heard part of the story on K-Love, but I hadn't heard the whole thing. And I almost cried, but then I decided I was in a big group of people and was not going to do that (I don't like drawing attention to myself!)