Saturday, August 17, 2013

Kingdom Bound - Day 2

I can't believe that Kingdom Bound was just a little less than two weeks ago!  Wow ;)

Anyway, today I will be posting about day two - Monday.  I gotta say that was a pretty awesome day, and perhaps the best day of all.  We were at the theme park all afternoon-night.  And we got to see three bands.

First we saw the City Harmonic.  The first time we heard them was a couple years ago at CMS.  They're a pretty awesome Canadian band! ;)

I love that the lead singer plays piano.  It is so cool when bands do that! :)

You've probably heard this song, the ever-famous Manifesto!

Then right after them, we saw Audio Adrenaline.  I remember that name from way back when I was really little!  They have a new lead singer now.  AA started the Hands and Feet Project in Haiti, to care for the orphan and abandoned children.  

that lil guy was so precious!  He's one of the Hands and Feet Project kiddos :)

After AA, Bob Lenz spoke.  Sadly, I was not able to catch much of what he said.  Instead I was at the Compassion table preparing for the packet pass.  Jey came over for a bit and a bunch of us advocates were just hanging out.  It was really nice to see some of the other Advocates I saw in May at the retreat.  (you can read some about that here - Love is an Action: Maria- a life changed)

Anyway, so then the time came, and Bob Lenz gave the appeal.  I walked through the grass back section and sadly, no one choose to sponsor from that section.  Even though I did not have the opportunity to pass out a child packet, it was really incredible.  We all came back to the table, and there were soooo many people there!  Not only were all the Advocates back, but a crowd of people just wondering more about Compassion.  I got to find shirts for two new sponsors! :)

That night, about 25 children were sponsored.  It is pretty crazy to think that there are now 25 kiddos somewhere in the world who all were lovingly sponsored on the same day.  I know that everyone involved that night (the new sponsors and sponsored children) will be changed!  (Later I will post about the impact Compassion had all four days.)

After that, Hillsong performed.  That was great too!  I love worshiping with my family.  While I don't know them personally, they are still my family.  And that is just crazy awesome!

(it was hard to get pictures with all the bright back lights)


  1. Ya,that is cool when the lead singer plays the piano.It's always fun when you see bands for the second time,you feel like you know them a little more:)I love Audio Adrenaline's song Kings and queens!:)

    1. Yeah, I know, seeing the band twice does make you feel like you kinda know them. And that is one of my fave songs too! Kings and Queens is awesome :)