Friday, August 23, 2013

224 Lives Changed Forever!

I was so excited to get an e-mail from the event coordinator for Compassion at Kingdom Bound. I was even more excited to see this:
Your involvement made an impact on 95 US & 17 CDN children!

112 children's lives are being changed by having a new sponsor
112 sponsor's lives are being changed by having a new sponsor child

I rejoice! How awesome :) How awesome is our God.
And I am thrilled cause I know that at least two people sponsored older teens. We searched the whole table for the oldest child -February 14, 199# (can't remember the exact year) Born on Valentine's - the holiday celebrating love. Now on a 5th of August, a new holiday for them, celebrating love - the love of a sponsor.
And a girl too was sponsored - my age (15) from India. A sponsor who choose an older child to because he said he was old, who choose an Indian girl cause he wants her to be safe and protected. The love of a sponsor.
I am sure you remember when you started sponsoring, how you fell in love with the child. Hoping that these new sponsors never stop loving and writing their new child!
Say a prayer for all the new sponsors and sponsored children!

(wanna join the party?  Sponsor a Child)


  1. Yay! I remember the second I laid eyes on my first sponsored child, Lorkens. He stole my heart (and has since changed my life) :)

    1. It is always fun to think back to that "moment" when you first laid eyes on your child and see how God orchestrated it all!

  2. How exciting!! Thanks for sharing the great news!!

    1. Sure :) I am especially thrilled because last year was less than half that. I hope this means Compassion will be at KB again in 2014!