Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Cycle4Compassion 2014!!!

Well, the time is coming for the third annual Cycle4Compassion!  I am so excited for what this year will hold.

Here's some of the highlights from the last two years:

Cycle4Compassion 2012 

The bike-a-thon began in 2012.  After going door-to-door for donations, I rode twenty-five kilometers in the rain with my dad and sister.  It was the hardest bike ride ever!  It was also very rewarding, though.  God led me to sponsor Eduardo in El Salvador with the funds raised.

(The ride: Cycle4compassion  Sponsoring Mainor Eduardo: Mainor- Part Two)

Cycle4Compassion 2013

The ride was easier last year than in 2012 but the actual fundraising was more difficult.  I went door-to-door as I did the year before, but hardly anyone was home or wanted to donate.  The night before the ride, I was about $90 short.  I prayed that God would provide.  I woke up the next morning and checked for online donations - none.  I went to church, but no one handed me donations.  I came home and found out that my grandma's friend had donated!  That combined with after-the-ride donations brought me to a total of $582!

(The ride: Cycle4Compassion: an Update!)

As I said above, I know Cycle4Compassion 2014 will be amazing too!

Stay tuned - I will be posting later this week about Eduardo.

Until then though, would you please check out my fundraising page and prayerfully consider donating?  I can't do this without you!  Thank you so much!!

Cycle4Compassion 2014! (fundraising Page)


  1. I love that you do this as a way to sponsor Eduardo. Praying you reach your goal!

  2. Excited to see how this one will go! Hope you reach your goal! :)

  3. I'll be praying!! And I hope you're able to raise all the money!!