Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Cycle4Compassion: an Update!

Well, it is time for another Cycle4Compassion update!

On Sunday, my family and I cycled 25km.  We chose a different path from last year.  (Want to read about the crazy ride last year?  Love is an Action: Cycle4compassion)  It was a great path, paved and level.  It made me wonder if Eduardito's roads were as good as the bike path.  The ride was pretty easy, and we did it in two hours.

However, the fundraising was tough.  On Saturday, I was $90 short of Eduardito's sponsorship for a year.  I didn't know what I should do.  We decided we would ride on Sunday like planned, but I wasn't sure if the donations would come in.  But God was faithful!  Before we rode, donations amounted to over the $456 needed!

This is just a quick update though, and soon I will tell more with photos :)

Thank you soo much for your support!!!  Your prayers and donations are so appreciated!  I can't thank you enough! :)


If you would like to donate still, I am accepted donations through October 7, 2013.  You can give at Cycle4Compassion


  1. Praise God! He's working :) he knows you needed the money! So glad you get another year with Eduarito:)

  2. God is always faithful! So glad you had a good ride!