Friday, September 27, 2013

An Update on Cycle4Compassion!

There are just a few days left of Cycle4Compassion!  It is exciting as it nears the end, and the donations are tallied.  What is even more awesome is seeing the impact that it had when looking back.  Throughout the year, letters and photos from Eduardito remind me that all the fundraising, all the time, all the effort was more than worth it!  

Even now, just thinking about the couple days I have gone door-to-door this year.  I have been impacted.  The people who generously gave.  The dogs that scared the living daylights out of me!  It is always incredible to meet new people!

I will ride 25 km on this Sunday, the 29th of September. Please pray for good weather and a safe time!

Thanks to all of you , so far $270 has been raised! That is about half of the total needed and one quarter of the goal. We're part way there, and I know God will be faithful to provide the rest! I will continue collecting
donations until October 7.

Thank you all for your generous donations! Every dollar, every cent, counts. It matters to that lil guy in El Salvador - Eduardito.

Thank you! God bless :)


If you haven't already, would you please prayerfully contribute to Cycle4Compassion?

You can view progress or donate on my fundraising page Cycle4Compassion

Thank you for caring and sharing. Together we are changing Eduardito's life!


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    1. Thanks you Marilyn! I am excited about what God did, and is doing, and I will post another update soon :)