Monday, September 23, 2013

Dear God.....

Dear God,
Please help my dad.  He is sick.  Mom is scared because he can't work.  We don't have as much food as we used to have.  God, my mom goes to the mall* to find food for us.  There are many stray dogs that dig through the trash looking for food too.  I am scared, God, that we won't have enough to eat.  I remember when I was little, and sometimes it would be days between meals.  Please, God, make daddy well again.  Help him be able to work again.  Help mom not to worry.  Please, keep her safe from the dogs.
Thank You, God, for my Aunty Ruth.  She's my sponsor, and she helps me a lot.  Thank You that she writes me letters and sends me stickers.  It makes me so happy.  Thank You that she gives me food to eat at the project.  Please bless Aunty Ruth a lot, God, because she loves me so much.  Please keep her safe in all she does.  
And God, would you help Mary too?  She doesn't have a sponsor yet.  She thinks that no one loves her.  But God, I know you love her.  Please make someone like Aunty Ruth sponsor Mary, so that she can get letters and feel loved too.  Thank You for all your blessings, especially Aunty Ruth and my tutors at the project.  
In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Will you sponsor Mary?  (Mary represents all Compassion children waiting for a sponsor.)

* wondering about the mall?  Read this official Compassion blog post - Going to “The Mall” aka The Garbage Dump


  1. What a precious post!! I love how you wrote it as a prayer. And you brought out so many of the hard realities of life for some of these kids. I hope that many kids are sponsored this month.

    1. Thanks, Hannah. I do hope that many kiddos are sponsored this month!

  2. This is so sweet, Lizzie! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Breanne. Glad you like it :)