Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thursday's This and That


Today I am going to copy one of my blogging friend's ideas, so make sure to check out her awesome blog HERE.

Outside of my window: The trees are blowing and changing colors.  The grass is finally green again, and it is growing quickly!

Around the house: I just finished washing dishes.  K-LOVE is playing on my laptop.  My sisters are working on school.

My school: Well, I have a lot of books to read this week.  I am working on pictures for my photography course, struggling through algebra, and hoping to get onto geometry soon.  I am dreading writing an essay for a group writing class.

I am thinking about: Compassion, like always.  Specifically my sponsored child Mabel who will be graduating this month, and all the lives changed and fun had during Compassion blogger's month.  I am also thinking about how cool it would be to go on a missions trip.

Prayer requests: Sharmin- she needs a sponsor before October 12.  Carlos- a boy I corresponded with before he moved away from the Compassion project.  There is no church near his home.

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Change a life!
Lizzie :)

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