Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Letter Writing- Week Three


This week, I am going to write about how your sponsored child's letter gets to you. 

Most Compassion projects have a letter writing day.  All the children will write letters to their sponsors.  Then they give them to their tutor to be checked over.  Once the tutors have decided that all the letters are satisfactory, they will give them to the field office.  This can take two weeks to one and a half months.

Once they get to the field office, the letters are translated.  The Compassion staff will then spot check a few letters from each translator.  After the letters are translated, they are sent to the GMC (Compassion's headquarters in Colorado Springs). 

When the GMC receives the letters, they are packaged up to be sent to the sponsors.  You can see this in the video below. 

Did you get any letters recently?

Change a life!

Make sure you read Week One and Week Two of the letter writing series.

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