Monday, February 17, 2014

"I want a friend"

Today I am continuing a series I started last autumn that I forgot about!  Anyway, this series is the story of each of my sponsor children.

Read part one here - Love is an Action: How God Brought Me to Compassion

Part two here - Love is an Action: "My Angel"


September 2011

my first photo of Lucie
After I got the courage to ask my dad for another child, I requested a 13-16 year old girl. I wanted a friend. I checked my account multiple times every day (still do when I request another child!). It was September 8, just three months after I saw my Kartini (Aprila) for the first time. I had just finished school, so I grabbed my laptop, clicked to go to my Compassion account, and saw two names!

Ah, my excitement! She stood looking back at me in a white dress with a red dress shirt under it. She looked so beautiful- the white and bright against her dark skin. I read every word about Lucie, and I waited impatiently for the packet in the mail. Then it came, and I read every word again. I wanted to know my new friend.

Well, she is very precious to me, and she's my friend. It isn't like I would have imagined it. At first, she didn't write much or often, but last year she wrote me 7 times!!  The correspondent program is such a blessing :)


  1. I'm so glad you're continuing your series!! Lucie is beautiful…and I'm glad that you are friends now! Sometimes it just takes a little time.

    1. Thanks Hannah! Yeah, it can take time for sure. I think the letter writing changes really improved my Haitian correspondence. Whatever happened tho is wonderful!! :)