Monday, September 9, 2013

A Sudden Inspiration

"When she can't be here, can I fill in?  I know all the lines to the whole play!"

"Let me think about it.  I'll let you know."

Ten minutes later.....

"What are you doing?"

"I am memorizing Prisoner 3's lines.  I am going to fill in for her."

"What?!  I was hoping to do that.  I already know the lines."

"Well, I wish you could.  I didn't want to do this, but she asked me to."


I try not to think too much.  I guess I am not good enough for her.  After all, I got the fewest lines in the whole, two-act play.  I tried so hard though, and my memorization, I believed, was perfect.  Every word I knew by heart, wasn't that and a willing girl enough?  No?

I spent many tears because of that.  Simply, without words spoken, I wondered why she didn't choose me.  Sure, I was the quiet girl, but I listened to every word she said and did my best.  I couldn't understand how I was still not enough.  I was less than.

Before the performance at home, I sat on my mom's bed and cried.....because I wasn't good enough.  In that moment, I remember my mom.  She's the one who told me that it wasn't me - I was great, but she had chosen differently because she had.

Now, years later, I look at these precious faces.  And I wonder, is someone telling them that it isn't their fault?  They are precious beyond worth and just because they live in poverty, it doesn't have anything to do with who they are.  Just because she doesn't have a sponsor yet, it doesn't mean that she is ugly.  No, she is still beautiful and precious, but does she ever hear those words?

I don't know what her life is like, but I do know one thing - her life will be changed when a person across the world tells her that she is valued.  Will you tell a her that today?


  1. This is WONDERFUL Lizzie :)

  2. This is a great post!! I hope that many kids are sponsored this month and are able to hear encouraging words in the midst of their struggles.

    1. Thank you Hannah! Me too, I hope that many sponsored children will feel loved and valued this month no matter what their daily lives are trying to tell them

  3. Love this, Lizzie! I know that that experience was really rough for you, but it's great that you can use it in a meaningful way now.