Monday, July 1, 2013

June Compassion Joys

1. letter from Mainor
2. two letters from Elizabeth (one and two)
3. letter from Samantha
4. photo update of Elizabeth

5. while not technically Compassion, it was a compassionate thing- seeing the Watoto children's choir!
10. country updates from Bolivia and El Salvador :)
11. prayer child sponsored by a friend on OC!

linking up with Jill for Compassion Family: June Compassion Joys  co


  1. What wonderful Compassion joys!!! We received 4 letters, one photo update and I also loved all the blog posts about Uganda and Nicaragua!!!!

    1. Sounds like a great month for you too!!! Awesome :) Yes, those posts are so moving!

  2. Thanks for linking up! You've got a great list. I know I say it every month, but it's such a blessing to step back and see the ways God uses this ministry to bless us, isn't it? On any given month if someone asked me if it was a good Compassion month I'd be ho-hum. But when I take the time to mark and name each thing, I can see the month was full of blessings and gifts.

    1. Yes, such a blessing! Even that month that I got no letters, I could still look back and see the blessings. I think I had 3 updated photos that month! I can't wait for July's Compassion joys, cause I got a great list already! :)