Thursday, July 4, 2013


"I always tell people if you want to do something great in the world, sponsor a girl in sub-Saharan Africa, because we see enormous impacts in the sponsorships of little girls in places like Uganda and Kenya. If you sponsor a girl in sub-Saharan Africa, she’s likely to obtain three more years of education, she’s far more likely to finish high school and also has a greater chance of finishing university and getting a salaried, white-collar job in adulthood." -University of San Francisco economics and international studies professor Bruce Wydick

I am advocating for this sweetheart! If you sponsor her, I will send you a bracelet with a bead from Kenya :)

Mwanatumu (ke3593004)
Birthday: November 21, 2001
Gender: Female
Region: Africa
Country: Kenya
Program: Deliverance Church Kaloleni Child Development Center

Personal and Family Information:  I have been waiting over eight months for a sponsor. There is a high risk for child rights violations where I live in Giriama, Kenya. My dadworks as a laborer when he can find work. On average, he earns $20 a month. And my mom stays home with my two siblings and I. I help her by gardening and kitchen work. Because of Compassion, I can go to primary school, where I do average. I like to jump rope and play ball games at the project and at home. When we have food, I often eat maize, beans, bananas, fish,cassava, and rice. Many children who are not sponsored have health problems like malaria, typhoid fever, diarrhea, asthma,anemia, and bilharzias (parasitic disease). Compassion provides me with Bible teaching, recreational activities, remedial studies,skits, HIV/AIDS awareness training and programs to reduce poverty. My community needs more jobs, education for girls, and tuition help. Please pray for me. I live in poverty, but Compassion is giving me hope. If you sponsor me, I will write you letters. I will tell my friends about you. And I will be very happy to know that someone loves me and wants to help me! God bless you.

I only have her packet until Friday (July 5, 2013).  If you would like to sponsor her, contact me asap!  Email me at: lizzie4compassion(at)gmail(dot)com  You can read my sister's amazing post about the man we met from Kenya- Free and Holy: A Pair of Shoes

Also very thrilled because Doreen was connected with a very sweet, loving, letter-writing sponsor!  Thank you :)


  1. I hope that she's sponsored soon!!!

    1. Thanks Hannah! She is sponsored :) Praise God. You have no idea how happy I am- I have never had a child sponsored from a packet of mine before. I am going to put up a post later about those two girls again- but this time, I won't be asking for sponsors!!! :)

  2. Such a sweetheart :) Glad to see from your comments that she is sponsored!