Monday, April 8, 2013

New Photo!!

I was soo excited to see a new photo on my Compassion account today (ask my sister)!!!  I have been waiting for a couple photo updates and I haven't gotten a letter in over a month, so that made me way excited to see the new photo!

I know, you are dying to know whose photo it is.  Well, it is my beautiful Lucie from Haiti.  She was my second Compassion correspondent, and the only one who has had two photo updates thus far.

Without further ado, here she is!!

taken around May 2010

taken in October 2011
taken April 2013

Isn't she beautiful?

I am still waiting for her high-resolution photo and her updated info, but I am so glad to have this picture right now.  I can't wait to write her and tell her that she is beautiful.  And of course, tell her that I would love to see her smile :)


  1. What wonderful encouragement in the middle of a letter drought! Lucie is beautiful (and her dress is super cute!!) I hope we both get a big stack of letters soon! : )

    1. Yes, it was great to get it in the middle of a letter drought :) I hope you get some letters soon, too!!

  2. Oh, she's gorgeous! I love that white dress she is wearing. She has such midnight skin, it just radiates against that lovely dress. I know you were so thrilled to get an update!

    1. Yes, Sonja, she's gorgeous! I too love her dark skin, and the contrast with the dress just makes her look all the more pretty :)