Friday, April 12, 2013

Another Photo Update or Two!

First of all, happy birthday Grandma!!  I love you so much :)

Wow, for not getting letters this week, I have had a great Compassion week.  I have gotten three photo updates in four days!!

I already shared Lucie's photos, so I will now show you the photos of...

Aruna in India-

taken spring 2010

August 2011

taken April 2012

and Juan in Mexico

his first ever Compassion photo and probably photo, taken September 2011

taken April 2012
I am so glad to see that most of these photos get updated every 18 months.  I love seeing how they grow up!  Out of these three photo updates, I think Juan's has the biggest difference.  He looks cleaner in the new one and just so much older! :)

Have you gotten any photo updated recently?


  1. Great update photos!!! I love them!!! It's so fun to see the updates!! And that's so neat that they updated at 18 months!

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Yes, it is so cool that these projects update every 18 months. It is amazing to see how much they grow in that time!!! :)

  2. Woah Juan looks awesome! I saw the picture of the gorgeous Aruna on OC, but that does not make her any less stunning! Great photo updates! No photo updates for me, but I'm not expecting any too soon. :-)