Sunday, December 16, 2012

Turkey and some other little kids

For the past year, Compassion has been piloting a one-to-one sponsorship with select CSP projects. It was very successful, so we have ended the 'pilot' process and these children are the ones who are in those participating projects. Sponsorship works the same as CDSP, only the letters are written by a project worker or caregiver, since the children can not really participate in letter writing at this age. We do not know how many of these 1-3 year olds we will be registering in the future; those plans are still being worked out. In the meantime, the ones that are available will be on the website for sponsorship. Feel free to ooohh and aaaahhhh over their adorableness.  -Haley (Compassion International Sponsor and Donor Relations, Operations Employee)  taken from HERE
In short, there are one and two year olds on Compassion's site now!  They are soo cute that I just want to give them big hugs.

Turkey turned two years old yesterday.  She lives in Bangladesh.  It looks like she broke her leg or something from the picture.  To sponsor her, go HERE.

Carlos lives in Bolivia.  His birthday is September 16, 2011.  Mabel, my sponsored girl from Bolivia, writes the sweetest letters.  From what I have heard, most Bolivian kids do.  To sponsor him, go HERE.  (Carlos has been sponsored!)

Mushimiyimana is two.  She lives in Rwanda.  To sponsor her, go HERE.  (Mushimiyimana has been sponsored!)

They are precious, aren't they?!  Perhaps, you can't sponsor one now, but would still like to help them.  Compassion's Christmas Gift catalog has many ways to help families like them.  To see all the different gifts you can give, go HERE.

Lizzie :)

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