Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Random Post of Bracelets and Links

Happy Saturday!

Kimmy posted on OurCompassion (you can view it HERE) that Wally would be going to Indonesia to visit his family's sponsored child.  Because kids are always around, he thought it would be nice to give them each a bracelet.  I am making some friendship bracelets, but you can make any type you want.  HERE is the link for more details.

Back in the spring, Compassion started their new topic for Compassion Sunday 2012.  It was Change the Story.  I made a page about how I changed the story.  Basically it is just a really short paragraph about how I became involved with Compassion.  You can read that HERE.

BTW, I joined OurCompassion, and you should too!  I have been able to find people who sponsor kids from the same centers I do, and I even saw a picture of Lucie's project!

HA146 Tova Child Development Center in Haiti
Have a great weekend and make some bracelets!

Lizzie :)

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