Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Two New Girls!


A couple nights ago, two beautiful new girls showed up on my Compassion account!  I was so excited, so I wanted to share about them.

Samantha is thirteen, and she lives in Haiti (not too far from Lucie).  She likes to listen to music, draw, bike, run, read, play with dolls, sing, jump rope, play group games, and play hide-and-seek!  Samantha lives with her aunt.

previous photo of Samantha
current photo of Samantha (taken October 2012)

My other new girl is Elizabeth.  She is sixteen, and Mexico is where she makes her home.  She lives about 500 miles away from Juan.  She is only in ninth grade, but she is supposed to graduate from Compassion int January 2014.  She lives with her grandma.  Elizabeth carries water, takes care of children, and gathers firewood to help out at home.

previous photo of Elizabeth
current photo of Elizabeth (taken July 2011)

Aren't they beautiful?  I am so excited to have a chance to get to know them.  I especially glad that they are older because I can get to know them better soon (older girls usually write really informative and nice letters).

My youth group sponsors a girl who I write to.  Her name is Aruna.  She is fourteen and lives in India.  We started sponsoring her in the beginning of July.  Since we had not gotten a letter from her and it had been four months, I called Compassion last week.  They said they would do a field inquiry to see why, and the answer to that will come back in two months.  I am sure she is fine, but there is always the chance she is not.  Will you please join me in praying for her?  Thanks!

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Lizzie :)


  1. Oh so exciting!!! I saw your comment on my blog and hurried over here to see if you'd posted them and you have! My friend's sponsor girl is from Mexico and she gets the sweetest letters. And will pray for Aruna :)