Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Letter Writing Ideas


I have written a couple posts about letter writing ideas.  Today I am going to share some posts by some amazing letter-writers!  Also, I have a new poll on the right side of my blog.  Please vote on the ages of the children you sponsor.  I will be posting next month on some more writing ideas, so knowing the ages of your kids will help me know what to write about.

Teresa Dawn posted a series of questions to ask your sponsored children and to answer about yourself.  Here is the last post in that series with the links to all the rest- Questions to Ask Your Sponsored Child

Jill posted about writing to your sponsored child about your faith (includes some sample letters)- What to Write~ Your Faith

Michelle wrote about many topics and included many great ideas on what to send with letters as well- 101 Letter Writing Topics

And, of course, Compassion's official blog has many great ideas and sample letters- About Letter Writing

I really hope that you read these posts.  I hope it helps you grow closer to your sponsored child, too.  Don't forget how important your letters are!  Your child will treasure them forever.

Did you write a post about letter writing ideas or have any other ideas on what to write?  Please share in the comments.

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Lizzie :)


  1. So cool! Thanks for sharing my post Lizzie!

    1. Thanks. No problem. I love your questions! They give me many ideas to write about, and I hope that many others will be inspired to write their kids by your questions.