Friday, November 30, 2012


 Hello, friends!

It is really peaceful here.  It is snowing outside.  The baby is sleeping.  Christmas music is playing.  Pumpkin bars are baking.  What more could one wish for?

Some blessings from this month:

  • warm, fuzzy blankets
  • my new correspondents Samantha and Elizabeth
  • letter and photo from Junior
  • letter from Aruna
  • snow-tipped trees
  • bubbles
  • Aubrey and Emilie (two girls from my four year old class)
  • colorful sunrises
  • the baby's smile
  • a cool night's fog
  • Christmas cookies
  • whipped frosting
  • and so many more!!
Join me in passing on blessings this Christmas.  Give the gift of hope, healing, or rescue.

Lizzie :)

Linking up with Jill's Compassion Joys post.


  1. I LOVE that you did this and linked up with me - thank you! I'll be doing it again at the end of December, so make a list and keep track all month.

    1. Yeah! I love link-ups. I have been keeping a list :)