Saturday, November 17, 2012

Back Home


I am back from Peru, figuratively speaking.  I followed the Compassion Bloggers' trip to Peru this week.  They came home last night.

Some posts made me smile.  Some made me cry.  All of them have changed how I think of Peru.  They all reassured me that Compassion is who they say they are.

I am sure you followed along like I suggested.  However if you did not, here are some of the most touching posts (in my opinion)-

Formed For Flight by Shaun Groves
Open by Angie Smith
(they visited the same family)

Boys Will Be Boys, but... (Peru: Day 3) by Jennifer Schmidt

Woven by Angie Smith

These posts are some of the highlights, so I really encourage you to read all of them HERE.

After reading some of their words, please look at the kids in Peru looking for sponsors HERE.  You know their lives are hard.  You have seen their beautiful home.  So... Will you pray for one?  Or will you sponsor one?  Or will you write the one you already have?

Who have you chosen?

Change a life of a child in Peru!
Lizzie :)

Sponsor a Child in Peru

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