Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Package for a Princess


I packed a shoe box for a princess today.  You can pack one too.  I am doing it through Operation Christmas Child (a program of Samaritan's Purse).  You can see the official info HERE.

My family and I went to Dollar Tree.  I chose to pack a box for a girl from two to four years old.  I got to pick out stickers, a magic wash cloth, a fluffy stuffed animal, and other fun things for a little girl.

We brought everything home and packed it all up.  I was so surprised that everything fit in the box this year.  I guess writing a list works better than spur of the moment shopping.

Then I got to write the princess a note.  I told her she was a princess because she was a child of the King (God).  I also included my address in case she or her family would like to write back.  You don't have to include a note, but I like to.  If you do write a note, but do not want to potentially commit to write a child (your child will not likely write back, or if they do, probably only once), you don't have to write your address.  He/she will love to know that they are special by a note, though.

I printed off the labels for the shoe box.  If you use the ones online, they will track your box.  That way you will know what country it went to.

You should pack a shoe box too!  Tomorrow is the last day for pick-up.  Perhaps, like me, you have procrastinated to the last second.  Maybe you think it won't matter if you do one or not.  Let me just say, it will mean the world to the child who gets your box.

Get packing!
Lizzie :)


  1. I am sure the little girl who recieves this will love it! I love packing OCC boxes, to me it is more exciting than opening presents :)

    1. Yeah. Any gift I get is nice but not necessary. The gifts we pack are nice and pretty necessary. It is so fun to do too!

  2. I packed 2 shoeboxes this week and, just so you know, i was encouraged to do it though your blog mention earlier and other bloggers! Thanks for encouraging me!

    1. Thanks for letting me know! I am so glad that you packed some. The kids will be soo thankful :)