Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Why?" you ask


So I told you all about letter writing.  I gave you ideas of what to write.  I let you know what you could send.  But, I never told you why.  So here is my five reasons why-

1.  to show you care
You sponsored a child in poverty, right?  So you obviously care to some degree about that child.  But, how are they going to know that?  Compassion International has an unsponsored children fund.  This provides the same privileges to the unsponsored children as the sponsored children get because of their sponsor.  While your sponsored child is very grateful for that, they don't really understand it.  When you write them, then they will know you care.  If you care about them, then show it.  Write them.

2. to tell them God loves them
These kids that you sponsor hear that God loves them.  However, they probably only hear it from the Compassion project.  When you write in every letter "God made you special, and He loves you very much!" they will begin to believe it.

The Church's mission is that every man, woman, and child will hear and see the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Your sponsored child sees and hears about God at the project activities.  None-the-less, I really believe that you need to tell them as well.  That way it will be coming from more than one person, and it will be ingrained in them.
(I stole a couple things here ;)  "God made you special, and He loves you very much!" is taken from VeggieTales.  "that every man, woman, and child will hear and see the Gospel of Jesus Christ" is taken from my church's mission statement.)

3. to help them do better
Studies have shown that sponsored children who receive correspondence from their sponsors do better in school.  " In fact, we've found that children that receive regular correspondence from their sponsors tend to do better in school and stay in our program longer."  (Shaina Moats HERE)  You want your money to do the most it can, right?  Your sponsorship donation helps your sponsored child go to school.  Of course you want them to succeed in school, so write them.

4. because they want you to
Often when sponsors don't write, their sponsored child asks them to.  And when sponsors write, their sponsored children thank them.  This post by Compassion shows this.

5. because it will change their life
I heard a story once.  It was about a sponsored child (not through Compassion) and the impact his sponsor had on his life.  This boy grew up in poverty.  But, his sponsor encouraged him.  She told him his future was bright.  One day, this boy went to compete in the Olympics (track-and-field, I think).  He won the gold medal, and his sponsor watched him on the tv.  Then this young man went to visit his sponsor.  He took the gold medal and hung it around his sponsor's neck.  He told her that without her, he would not have been able to do what he did.  

There are many other stories about lives being changed through their sponsors letters.  Suyianga is going to be a pilot.  Nathan is going to be a doctor.  Haminton enjoys hearing the exciting experiences of his sponsor.  Shiela is encouraged by her sponsors letters.

I love this video!  If you can't watch it all (which I highly recommend you do), start at 1:57

Why do you write your sponsored children?

Change a life!
Lizzie :)


  1. I really enjoyed your post!! And the links you shared!! Reading your post makes me think of more things I could have shared :) Your point #2 was great!! What a good reminder!!

  2. Thanks! I thought your post was great! I really loved that Shamim was able to share as well. You shared some great links too. :)