Thursday, October 18, 2012



I have been checking a couple times almost every day since this summer to see if Kartini's picture had been updated.  And a couple nights ago, I saw the beautiful new picture of her!!

Here are all of her pictures-

I e-mail Compassion for this picture.  It was taken probably autumn 2009.

Kartini was eight years old in the picture.
Kartini is nine-and-a-half in this picture.
I am so happy to have a new picture of her!

Change a life!
Lizzie :)


  1. where is she from?

  2. Man, it is so awesome that you moved to Asia! Kartini lives in Indonesia (Sumba island). Under the My Compassion Family tab you can see where all the kids I sponsor/correspond with live.

    1. Not far from me! Awesome. so glad you sponsor these kids!

  3. So cute:) The way she clutches her skirt in one hand and balls her fist in the other makes me think she was a bit nervous about having her photo taken this time around. Maybe worried about how it would turn out. She's at the age now she'd want to make sure she looked perfect for her picture I think :) Such a sweetheart!

  4. Thanks. She is my angel, and she is beautiful no matter how she looks.

  5. @junglehope That is really awesome. I love them so much! One day I hope to visit her and see her beautiful country.