Wednesday, October 17, 2012

What have I been doing?


Do you see my title up there?  Well, it should actually say "What should I be doing?"

A couple days ago, I started the task of hand crafting twenty-five cards for some of the precious unsponsored kids with Compassion.  I did it last year, but I kind of forgot how time consuming it was.  It takes a lot of determination.  I will probably get them out just in time.  But, the thought of the smiles of their faces when they know someone loves them makes it all worth it.

So, I have this thought, idea, goal.  It is that every single unsponsored child will get a card this Christmas.  Wanna help me?  Since we can only give twenty-five each, everyone needs to come together to get this done.

Here is what to do-

  • make or buy twenty-five (or less) Christmas cards with or without envelopes
  • write a special note in each card telling the child that you love them and God loves them
  • mail all the card to-  
                                  Attn: Suzane Hall
                                  Compassion International
                                  Colorado Springs, CO 80997

I wondered why only twenty-five cards.  This is what Shaina Moats said: "These cards are a completely manual process for our correspondence team- on top of the FLOOD of letters and cards we receive during the Christmas season. Because of this, we have to limit the number of cards to make the volume manageable for us."  (taken from HERE)

If you are thinking that if we all send twenty-five cards it will make the volume unmanageable, however I have great faith in what Compassion can do!  

So are you going to do it?  If we all do it, no child will go this Christmas without a card.  And to me, that is something to be proud of.

Change a life!
Lizzie :)


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