Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Camping, Coons, and Bears- Oh my!


Well, we just got back today from camping.  We had such a lovely time.  It was just beautiful, and the weather was really nice.  But, I am glad to be home like always. 

Don't Bike on the Sand!
On Sunday, we were going to walk a short bit on a trail around the lake.  I didn't want sand in my shoes, so I was going to bike it.  Bad idea.  I went to turn and wiped out.  I stopped my fall with my hand.  Bad idea #2.  My arm killed for two days.  Now it is feeling better, thanks to God. 

Fulton Chain of Lakes
On Monday, we climbed Bald Mountain.  I don't care much for heights, especially when I only have one arm to balance with.  But the view from the top was beautiful, and it was a pretty easy hike. 

Our last full day camping, we canoed and kayaked the lake.  I kayaked the first half and sat in the canoe for the last bit.  It was soo calm.  The water was like a huge mirror.  It was amazing. 

The deer are really friendly.  Once a deer almost poked his head in our truck window. 

This chipmunk was under my dad's chair, but then he went over by the fire pit. 

While all these things were nice, there were two greatly exciting things that I do not have pictures of. 

Monday night, we forgot to put our bread cooler in our trailer.  When we were playing a game, we heard a scratching noise.  There was a coon in our cooler!  We did not see him, so I hoped he was a porcupine.  However we later found out it was a coon, and he stole some rolls.  Later that night (the cooler was inside), the raccoon was on the roof of the trailer.  I didn't wake up, but my dad had to shoo him off. 

The next night, we were having a fire.  We heard something walking in the dry leaves.  (I thought it was chipmunks, but I am not very knowledgeable about such things.)  My parents thought it might be deer.  So my dad got a flash light and walked across the camp road to see what he could see.  The rest of us stayed by the fire. 

Then we heard something walk in the woods again, going to opposite direction.  My mom kept saying it was deer, but I was still kind of scared.  Then my dad came back after what seemed like forever.  His verdict- it was a bear.  He saw it.  I was really scared (my sister says I was petrified the whole time, but I disagree.).  We all went in the camper and talked about it a while.  Then we went to bed.

This morning we look for tracks.  It was too dry, so we did not find any.  None-the-less, we are certain that the bear walked within 12 yards of the fire.  I wish I had seen it now.  But I think that seeing the bear would have been really frightening in the moment. 

Well, I hope you had an exciting week like me!

Lizzie :)