Saturday, September 8, 2012

Compassion Mobile- Change the Story


On Thursday I was able to attend an awesome event!!  Compassion Mobile is so cool.  It tells the stories of three children living in poverty.  It shows their lives before Compassion and how their lives changed because of Compassion. 

Each story is only twenty minutes long.  You get to go through a realistic representation of the child's home, Compassion project, and other places the child goes to often.  The stories are of real children who have graduated from Compassion's sponsorship program.  The best part is- it is probably going to be near you!!

I really recommend you go to Compassion Mobile.  I loved hearing and seeing the lives of children in India and Bolivia (I couldn't see the Uganda one).  My family and I traveled one hour away to see it, and I think it was worth it.  I have heard many stories of lives being changed by Compassion, but actually seeing it is even more awesome!

Change a life!


  1. Thanks, Emily! Yeah it was really awesome. Like I said, I totally recommend it! It is great for the whole family.

  2. I'm so glad you got to go! My husband's family is all from Buffalo and we begged them to go - they did and they all really enjoyed it! My mother-in-law has heard us talking about Compassion for 16 years and she sponsored a little boy named George after going through the exhibit. We were both VERY excited! They sent us some pictures of the exhibit - did you see my post about it?

  3. Yeah. I saw your post. It is really awesome! I loved that it was about the child from Uganda, as I did not get to see that one. That is sooo awesome that they sponsored a child!!!!