Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Compassion Joys

Today, I am remembering some of the ways that God has blessed me through Compassion in February!

  1. a letter from Lucie......she received a skirt from Compassion for Christmas!
  2. a letter from Aruna......she thanked me for celebrating her birthday :)
  3. a first letter from Susana......she is studying to be a physics and chemistry teacher!
  4. a letter from Eduardito.....he was able to get two pair of pants and two shirts with a family gift from Cycle4Compassion!
  5. an updated photo of Junior.....he was wearing the bracelet I sent him with a sponsor going to his country!
I was also super blessed to read a post by Jessi today.  In it she shared how small financial gifts can be such a blessing to our sponsor children and their families - Me and Mr. Jones: 31 Other Ways

I am linking up with Compassion Family for February Compassion Joys!  Make sure to hop on over there to see the many ways that God has used Compassion to bless sponsors in February.


  1. I love how you gave a little example of each letter...might steal that idea from you for next month. So cool that you could see Junior wearing the bracelet you sent him.

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thanks for the link-up! I don't really feel comfortable posting my kiddos full letters anymore, so rarely do Mail Calls. It was fun to include a snippet with this post tho. That would be so cool if you did it too - I'd love to know a bit more about your kiddos!! :)

  2. What great letters!!! I also enjoyed seeing a highlight from each letter! What a great idea! And I think that photo of Junior wearing your bracelet is so neat.

    1. Thanks!! I know.....I SO loved the new photo of Junior! :)