Wednesday, February 26, 2014


While I was at an amazing Casting Crowns concert last Saturday, I was reminded that it takes courage to serve the LORD.  I'm cutting myself short when I don't courageously do whatever He tells me.

Where are you, men of courage?
You were made for so much more
Let the pounding of our hearts cry
We will serve the Lord

And of course, the only way that I will ever be able to act in courage is with His strength.  He is always faithful, and I know that He will make me courageous!

The only way we'll ever stand
Is on our knees with lifted hands
Make us courageous
Lord, make us courageous


  1. That's awesome that you were able to see Casting Crowns! I love that song too... have you seen the movie "Courageous" that it was written for?

    1. I haven't seen the movie, Hannah, but I have heard about it. I love how the song can apply to anyone though! It was very awesome that I got to Casting Crowns...I have listened to their music forever so it was super cool to actually see them in concert finally!! :)

  2. That is so neat that you saw Casting Crowns! And what a wonderful reminder--thanks!

  3. Awesome! So neat you were able to see them in concert! I do like that song:) I'm not that big if a movie person,but if you ever get the chance to see it Courageous is a really good movie.:)

    1. I'm not a big movie/tv person either, but I'll definitely check out Courageous if I ever get the chance! :)