Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Love is an Action

Love is an action.

It is more than words.

It is more than a feeling.

It is showing someone you care enough about them to do something.....even when it costs you.

It is what changed your life and mine.

It moves us to action.

It is what made Jennifer and her family say "Yes!"

You see, Jennifer and her family are in the process of adopting three special needs kids from Ukraine.  These kids are in an orphanage where they are not cared for well.  Quite honestly they are neglected.  It is a very difficult situation for the kids.

Jennifer and her family are going to provide a loving home for Viktor, Yuri, and Christina.  However the cost of this is rather large - about $36,000.

Would you prayerfully consider giving to help this family?  From doing fundraisers, I know that every single dollar counts!

Please take a couple minutes to read this post by Jennifer - Unashamed Hope: Big Change of Plans

Love is an action.

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