Sunday, February 2, 2014

January Compassion Joys

As usual, I am linking up with Jill for Compassion Joys!

Last month, I didn't get as many letters as I have been lately.  So it gave me a wonderful chance to catch up replying to some letters I got in December (which was busy for me) and also gave me time to make up Mabel's final letter/package.

In January, I received.....

2 letters from my precious Juan in Mexico (his letters usually come two at once with 4 month waits between),
1 letter from my angel Aprila in Indonesia,
and 1 letter from my sweet Gabriel in Indonesia (my first letter from him!)

In my opinion, it is not just a blessing to receive letters, but I also find much joy in writing them!

In January, I sent......

1 final letter with photos and a handmade prayer journal to my Mabel,
3 intro letters - 2 in Spanish - yay!!,
7 reply letters,
13 themed letters (the theme was Bible reading because I just finished reading thru the whole Bible for the first time!)
and a couple other "personal" letters.

I also followed the Compassion Bloggers in Uganda and celebrated Elizabeth's 18th birthday!!

Feeling so blessed this month :)


  1. Love this idea of Compassion Joys… It's easy to get upset thinking about that one kid you haven't heard from or that one kid that never writes detailed letters… but when you look back on them month and realize all your gifts it reminds you how truly blessed you are… and that it's not just for you, it's really for those kids :)

    Thanks for that reminder Lizzy!!!!


    1. Thank you Kathryn! The idea was Jill's, and I thought the same as you - what a wonderful idea! :)

  2. It IS a joy to send letters - I'm so glad you included that!

    Thanks for linking up.

  3. I love that you made a prayer journal for Mabel!!!! I know she'll love it!!! What a great idea to include in a final letter. Do you have photos of it? I'd love to see what you did. Maybe I'll do that for my next graduate. And I agree--it is such a joy to send letters!!

    1. Thanks! I do have photos of the prayer journal. You can find that on OC - I also have photos of everything I sent her for her final package and a copy of her final letter. Just message/e-mail me if you want any of that. It's so fun to know that it worked - congrats to your soon-to-be grad! :)