Thursday, November 7, 2013

Compassion Joys :)

 Compassion Family

Because I missed posting the Compassion Joy Dare last month, I am going to include the many ways I have been blessed by Compassion in September and October!

Compassion Mobile Experience: hanging out with the amazing staff and awesome volunteers!
New photo of Mabel
Letters from Aprila, Mabel, and Juan

Christmas Gifts Catalog: seeing the many ways that Compassion serves their children.
New child: Gabriel!
Letters from Samantha, Eduardito, Lucie, Junior Abdisa, and Mabel!

It may not look like much in writing, but I feel very blessed to be a part of Compassion!  My kiddos are the best, and they remind me to smile each and every day.  Volunteering and hanging out with fellow advocates and sponsors is the most fun and enjoyable thing.  

So thank you, Jill, for reminding me to look back at all the joy that I have found these past months through Compassion!

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  1. Great list! So glad you got to go the Compassion Mobile Experience again! Still waiting my turn!:) New child,and a bunch of letters-always exciting and such a big blessing!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, the Compassion Mobile Experience rocks :) I hope it heads your way some day! Sounds like you had a great months too!

  2. What great Compassion Joys!! I love that you were able to go to the Mobile Experience. And I think the Christmas catalogues are so fun to read!! My dad is going to get a gift from there for Christmas…he always talks about how he loves the catalogue and so my husband and I are excited to pick out something for him from the catalogue!

    1. Thanks! Oh, I bet your dad will love "getting" a gift from the Compassion Christmas catalog! There are so many great gifts in it this year. :)

  3. I loved the new Christmas catalog! I'm hoping to collect donations from my Bible study group so we can do some "shopping" from it! And it's great that you were able to do the mobile experience. i hope some day it comes my way!

    1. I hope you can see the Mobile someday too - it's awesome! That is so neat that your Bible study group is going to be giving to the Christmas gift catalog! It's so fun to know that whatever you pick will change a child's life :)