Saturday, November 2, 2013

A Changed Life: Harriet

Just last week, I wrote a post about Julian, a sweet girl from Uganda and a graduate from Compassion's program. (you can read that here - Love is an Action: A Changed Life)  I walked through her story at the Compassion Mobile Experience.

Today, I read a story of a sweet girl from Uganda, who is a graduate of Compassion's program.  She is Harriet.  I hope you will read her story over here Harriet Mutumba.  It is a beautiful slideshow telling her story through captions on the photos.

(photo taken from Harriet Mutumba Slideshow)


  1. I loved looking through the slideshow! What a great idea to share it on your blog!!

    1. Thanks! I loved it as well :) It was awesome that there were so many photos!