Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Ideas

Surprisingly, Christmas is less than a month away!  We are all rushing to buy gifts and trying to figure out what to give to the "tough" people on our lists.

Perhaps you are like me and would like to share about Compassion whenever it is possible.  Well, I have a great way you can do that this Christmas!

On my Etsy shop, I have 11 different and unique sets of bracelets.  The entire profit from each set will either go to a CSP in Africa or to continue sponsoring my Mabel in Bolivia.

The best part is is that through December 3 there is a 10% off sale in my shop!  Use the code CYBERMONDAY13 at checkout to get the discount.

madefromscratch4u on Etsy


  1. Great idea! I really enjoyed giving your bracelets as gifts last year!! They're so pretty.

    1. Thank you Hannah! Glad you liked them :)