Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Eduardito Sends Big Hugs!

Recently, I received a letter from Eduardito.  He is sponsored through Compassion by Cycle4Compassion.

This is what Eduardito wrote with the help of his tutor.

My Christian Learning

I learn about God at my project
What year did you accept God in your heart? 2012
My favorite bible story is Noah's Ark
My favorite bible verse is Psalm 23:1
What is your favorite song to sing at the project? A little star in the sky I saw.
What I have learned about Jesus and I like the most is: He helps me.
When I pray to Jesus I do it for my family.
Who is your favorite character from the Bible? Samson

Dear sponsor Elisabeth, your child Eduardo sends you a big hug.  He wants to thank you for your pictures, your letters, stickers, the letter yellow page, and the envelope.  Eduardo says that he is fine with his mother and brother.  His mother works by selling food in a cafeteria near the swimming pools of town.  He says that he would like you to pray that his mother does well with her sales.  He tells you at the kindergarten parade he dressed up as a bear.
your child,


Eduardito is learning lots and growing up to become a fulfilled, Christian adult.  Your support is providing him with school and many learning opportunities.  

Please continue to support him so that he can grow and learn.  Support my Cycle4Compassion ride, please, and Eduardito will continue to learn and grow!  Thanks! :)

You can view progress or donate on my fundraising page Cycle4Compassion

Thank you for caring and sharing.  Together we can change Eduardito's life!


  1. I wish we could see pictures of Eduardito dressed as a bear!! : )

    1. Me too Jessi! I bet he was the cutest little bear ever :)

  2. What a fun letter!! I bet he was adorable dressed as a bear! And I enjoyed reading that he like Noah's Ark and Samson!

    1. Hannah, I thought it was a great letter too :) I am sure that he was an adorable bear :)