Saturday, June 22, 2013

7 Links for a Great Weekend!

This week, I read so many good posts!  So I thought I would share some with you, just in case the weather isn't so nice near you.  :)

Yeah, lots of posts about sponsors meeting children.  So let me tell you a little something- those are my favorite posts!  They take me to another country.  They show Compassion's work at it's best.  And they let me dream about meeting my kiddos.  I know that day will come for me sometime, but for now, thank you to all those who are taking me there now! :)

What were some of your favorites posts this week?


  1. I am really loving all the Nicaragua blogs! I don't know much at all about life outside of England and it is fascinating to see the photographs of the children, their families, and their homes.

    It makes it easier to imagine where my sponsor children live even though they are in different countries! x

    1. Me too, Jenny! It is incredible to see all the photos and read all the stories. It definitely makes me think about my kiddos, though I don't have a child in Nicaragua either :)

  2. I love how you shared your favorite posts!! In 2 weeks I'll be posting an International Highlight on Nicaragua and I'll share a list of my favorites then :)