Monday, April 29, 2013


Halo! (Indonesian for "hello")  My name is Millie the mosquito.  I live in Indonesia, near Waingapu.  I am a young girl, so I am not very smart.  I learn something new everyday.  On Thursday, I learned the most important, life-changing thing-

My bite kills.

I didn't know that.  When I nibbled on the little girls and boys, I didn't know I was hurting them.  On Thursday, I saw many white nets hanging over the beds.  What were they?  I couldn't get past them.  So I listened in.

The little girl's name was Kartini.  She was in a bed with her sister Flora.  Flora didn't know what the net was either.  Kartini explained that mosquitoes, like me, carried a dangerous sickness.  It was called malaria.  Malaria makes people very ill, and sometimes they even die.  It made me very sad.

So I decided to snack on flowers now, and I hope that you other mosquitoes join me.  

For all you people (not mosquitoes), you can help too!  Six hundred, fifty-five thousand people died from malaria last year.  Many of them were children.  Many of them lived in Sub-Sahara Africa.  However, even in places like Indonesia, people are at risk.

Please help stop this!!  It is preventable.  You can visit Compassion's page on malaria for more info and ways to help.

Here's to eradicating malaria!