Saturday, April 6, 2013

Letter Writing Topics #2

Because you seemed to enjoy my Letter Writing Prompts post, I thought I would post another one!

Your School/College-
Are you in school now?
What was the name of your school?
How far away was your school?
Did you walk, ride a bus, or live at your school?
What classes did you take in school?
Which class was your favorite?  Why?
Which class did you not like?  Why?
Who were your friends at school?  Are you still friends with them?
Include pictures of you when you were in school or school worksheets.

Your state-
Where do you live (state and country)?
What is your state known for?
What is your state/national flower, tree, etc?
What seasons do you experience?  Which is your favorite?
What grows near you?
What is your favorite thing about where you live?
What don't you like about where you live?
Does your family live near you?
Share pictures or coloring sheets of your state.

Your hobbies-
What are your hobbies?
When did you start doing those things?
What do you like about them?
Where do you do your hobbies?
Do you know anyone else who likes to do those things?
Share pictures of your hobbies or coloring sheets!

What is your favorite things to write about?