Monday, March 25, 2013

Update on Willy

I just want to put it out once more for the boy I am advocating for.  Willy has six siblings.  I think his center is new because there isn't an OurCompassion group for it yet.

I just noticed the other day that his packet said that he was receiving regular medical treatment.  I wasted no time asking Compassion what he was receiving medical treatment for.  This is the response I received, "In looking up Willy's record, it says that he has red eyes because he is allergic to dust.  He lives in a very needy area.  There is 80% unemployment there and the average monthly income for a family is $18. Most of the work that is there is herding animals."

Poor little boy lives in Tanzania, where dust is always present!  So thankful for Compassion right now!  If you would like to sponsor him, please e-mail me before March 29!  

I will send you a sponsor bracelet with one TZ bead on it if you sponsor this precious boy!


  1. shared on my facebook page.

    1. Thanks soo much!!!!!! It really means a lot to me, and I am sure it would mean a lot to Willy too :D