Sunday, March 24, 2013

"I praise God that you have chosen to share your blessings.."

On my Compassion Sunday Page, I am looking for a sponsor for Yadira.  Since there isn't much info about her on that page, I want to share her pastor's letter with you.  I really enjoyed reading it, and I hope you do too!  I have bolded some things that I think are really sweet! :)
Dear Sponsor,
Receive warm greetings in the name of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ. It is a pleasure to address you through this letter.
I am Pastor Elvin Villoslada Santa Cruz, and I lead the Church of the Nazarene. I work along with a group of people to assist your Compassion-sponsored child at "Del Nazareno" Student Center, which is near the city of Chimbote in Ancash province, Peru. Our community has a population of roughly 16,000. 
I praise God that you have chosen to share your blessings with your sponsored child. It is a privilege for us to work in this community with so many children and to receive your help and know your generous heart in partnership with Compassion. Thanks to Compassion and sponsors, many children and their families have become more united and enjoy better living conditions. 
We have been working in our student center for four years and we have a varied program to help our children develop in four main areas: spiritual, through the knowledge of God's Word to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior; cognitive, through schoolwork help and more; psychosocial, through activities, games and lessons so they learn to behave in society; and physical, through healthy nutrition, checkups and incentives to participate in sports. 
We encourage our children to participate in our program every day of class, and for most children our center has become their second home.  
Most children live in adobe houses with mat or plastic roof. Many of the families have three or four children, and their houses only have two or three rooms to share. Their kitchens are precarious, and good hygiene is not practiced.  
Our volunteer staff is committed to preaching the gospel and helping our community. They assist children with much passion and love. They advise them, visit their homes, and tell them about Jesus. They also help the children to do their schoolwork and give reinforcement classes of mathematics, literature, history and more. Also, we have a "Reader Plan" program that encourages our children to feel interested in reading and culture.  
Another activity we have is hydroponics. There is a hydroponics garden where we teach children to grow vegetables and fruits in a clean environment.  
We fervently pray for our children and teenagers and as a result, 60 percent attend Sunday school. We have also opened a cell group in a home where the whole family converted to Christ last year. 
As a pastor, I feel so privileged to serve children and teenagers. It is the church's and my vision to serve our community and raise a new generation that believes in God and is free from economic, physical and spiritual poverty. I know it would not be possible without your generosity and help.   
It is a joy for us to see our children smile every time they receive letters, pictures and cards from their sponsors. It is also amazing to see the happiness they express when they hear their sponsor will come to meet them in person.  
We thank God that you are the sponsor for your sponsored child. Together we can do the work the Lord has entrusted us. Once again thank you for your big help. May the almighty Lord reward you greatly. 

Elvin Villoslada Santa CruzPastor
Please visit my Compassion Sunday Page to sponsor Yadira- a sweet girl with a special birthday!


  1. That's a great idea to share Yadira's pastor's letter!! I hope she's sponsored quickly!!