Thursday, November 1, 2012

Letters From War


I have loved Mark Schultz's music ever since I was really little.  Recently, I started listening again to his cd Live...A Night of Stories and Songs.  One song really touched me, "Letters from War."

A couple years ago, I started to become friends with a girl.  We never become very good friends though.  She stopped coming to my youth group in the summer of 2011.  In November of that year, I started to correspond with a boy with Compassion.  His name was Carlos, and he lived in Mexico.  He was ten.  And his birthday was April 28.  It was the same day as my friend who I no longer saw.  I wrote to Carlos.  I told him that he was my new friend.  I got a letter from him.  It was just a simple letter not saying much.

In April 2012, he moved away from the Compassion project.  I cried.  But, I was glad it was not one of the other kids I knew better that I wrote to.  I thought I might get a final letter for him.

Five and a half months passed.  I still prayed for him, but I was no longer grieving the loss.  October 1, 2012, I got that letter.  Apparently he had gotten my letter.  He called me friend.  It was the sweetest letter I had ever gotten.  At the end he wrote that he hoped we could keep in touch because he did not want to lose a friend.  I cried.  I could not keep in touch with him for many reasons.

A couple days later, I had my itunes on shuffle.  It played "Letters from War."  It really seemed to go along with what had just happened with Carlos.  I would walk to the mailbox to see if I had letters from my "son" in a land far away- Mexico.  I would write Carlos and tell him I loved him.  I always waited for him to come home (his letters).  Honestly I think he will be a great dad.  And I think he's really brave.  I keep believing that he is safe.  And I pray for him.

So yeah, the song played and tears welled up in my eyes.  I can't tell you how much I love that song now!  I even got the piano music for it off of musicnotes (which is really hard BTW).  Please listen to it below

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