Thursday, October 25, 2012

And the results are in...


I know you all have been patiently waiting to see how the results for cycle4compassion worked out.  Sorry, if took me so long to let you guys know.

For those of you who do not know, my sister, dad, and I rode 25km on September 22, 2012.  This was to raise money for Compassion International.  You can read more about that HERE.

For the results--

I got thirty-six sponsors by going door-to-door and family.  My little sister got four sponsors.  And my older sponsor got one.  That equals forty-one sponsorships!

My older sister and I rode 25km each.  My little sister rode 15km.  All-in-all, we rode a grand total of 65 kilometers!

We raised enough money to sponsor Mainor for one year and give a graduation gift to Mabel for college!

I am so happy with the outcome of cycle4compassion.  It really shows that when we all work together, we can change lives.  While I do have some changes in store for next year, I think it is amazing that this much happened the first year.  God is so good.

I plan on setting up a page where all the posts about cycle4compassion, Mainor, and Mabel will be linked to.  So stay tuned for that :)

And if you participated or gave, thank you soo much!  You have truly changed Mainor and Mabel's lives!!

Change a life!
Lizzie :)


  1. How does this work? Is this just something you are doing, or is it a compassion challenge? soundsneat.

  2. My dad and I started cycle4compassion this year. Because I wanted to sponsor children but had no income, my dad came up with this idea to raise money. The idea was that lots of people would ride their bikes and get sponsorships. Then all the money would be donated to Compassion through a sponsored child and other programs. Even though others knew about it, only my sisters and I rode. You can read more about my ride here- There is also a link in the beginning of the post that tells more about the event. :)