Thursday, September 27, 2012

Christmas is coming!!


Yesterday I took out a Christmas piano book, so that I could work on a song for Christmas.  I am thinking that I will do Silent Night.  That is not the point of my post however.

Onto more important things...

Operation Christmas Child- This is one of my favorite ministries.  I can remember ever since I was really little going to Dollar Tree.  I would pick out toys, wash clothes, gloves, notebooks, crayons, pens, and other stuff for a girl like me who did not have these things.  The hard part was putting it all in that small box!  I still struggle with that to this day!  Anyway, it is an awesome way to bless a child in poverty.  Pack a shoe box and bless a child.  You can learn more about it HERE.

Christmas cards for unsponsored children- I did this last year, and it was soo much fun.  Since I like to make cards, I made twenty five simple Christmas cards.  I wrote a couple lines telling the child that I loved them, that God loved them, merry Christmas, and other things like that.  Then I sent them to Compassion where they got them all ready to send to unsponsored children.  For more information on that, go HERE.

Last but not least, don't forget to get stuff ready to send to your sponsored child- Everything must be sent by October 31.  I will be sending cards, paper dolls, stickers, coloring sheets, bookmarks, and other fun stuff in abundance to my Compassion kids.  I love getting lots of things together to send out.  I also like to say in my letters to share the coloring sheets and stickers with their friends.  There is a great post on the Compassion blog about sending Christmas items to your sponsored children, which you can read HERE.

Just talking about Christmas makes me wish it was here!!

What other ways are there to spread love this Christmas with children in need?  I would love to hear about what you do to help others during Christmas time.

Have a merry Christmas I mean have a nice day ;)

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