Monday, July 14, 2014

The World Cup

I don't watch sports.  Ever.

However, I heard about the FIFA World Cup and was interested.  Eight Compassion countries had teams playing.  In some of those countries, I have a Compassion child.  So I followed the stats on Google because we don't have the tv channel to watch the games.

Of course, I routed for Mexico initially.  I was really bummed out that they lost to the Netherlands.  But Colombia was still playing, so I began to cheer them on.  They had to play Brazil, which I didn't think was a big deal.  My sister then informed me that Brazil has amazing soccer skills.  For example, Brazil hadn't lost a competitive match on their own soil in 39 years (since 1975).  Following the online commentary for the last couple minutes of the Colombia-Brazil match confirmed that I once again routed for the losing team.  However, Brazil was down two players and I was interested to see how it would turn out for their next game.

Brazil's next match gave them only a chance to get third place in the 2014 World Cup.  I was amazed!  I thought they would win even though they were down two players.  Germany beat them 7 to 1, which was the highest scoring game in the whole tournament (that I know of)!  Surely I thought they would end up with third place, but again they lost....this time to the Netherlands.

The final match of the tournament was Germany vs. Argentina for first and second place.  I figured Germany would win because they seemed to have won a lot of the matches they were in.  After a long game with overtime, Germany scored the winning goal (which was also the only goal of the match)!

It was really interesting to see the World Cup stats and read about some of the games.  I learned a couple things and had fun seeing which country would take home the honor of first place!

Did you watch or follow the World Cup?  Which match interested or surprised you the most?


  1. I'm a huge soccer fan, so I get excited come World Cup time!! I was bummed about Argentina losing to Germany, but considering Germany was the favorite, I'm proud of Argentina for giving them a good game!!