Monday, June 2, 2014


Hey friends!

A little while ago, McKennaugh shared about her time in the Ukraine with orphans.  (you can find that post here - Love is an Action: A Special Post)  As she mentioned in that post, I have decided to advocate and pray for one child there in hopes of connecting her with a family.

I would like all of you to meet Nadia as I first saw her -

This photo was taken five years ago and was the most recent photo of her.  Once I committed to helping her become part of a family, McKennaugh was able to actually get in touch with someone who lives near the orphanage and get some photos of her!

Nadia is now 10.  She lives in the Ukraine.  Last year, her grandma came to visit her once.  Other than that, she has not had anyone visit her.  She is often left alone in her crib/bed.  She has never had the joy of seeing the world around her as she was born without eyes.  Nadia also has severe intellectual disabilities and hydrocephalus.  But, I am sure that she can still feel joy if she hears a bird chirp or the wind blow.

I want to ask you (yes, you!) to help Nadia's story to reach as many people as possible!  Will you share about Nadia on facebook?  Will you share about her on your blog?  Will you tell about her in your small group/Bible study?

Most importantly, will you pray for Nadia and her future family?  (You can "sign up" to pray for her at a certain time here - Pray for Nadia)

I would also like to thank Leah and Monica for letting me share Nadia's story on TIO (Teens Interceding for Orphans)!!  Advocate & Pray: Nadia | Teens Interceding for Orphans


  1. Thanks for sharing her story. I appreciated receiving your email too! I will be praying for her.

    1. Hannah, thank you so much for your care and prayers!!! <3